Wahyu Makutha Rama

01 Juni 2008 | 19:00-22:00

The Knowledge Of Rama Passed Down
Wayang Kulit
Dalang Ki Purbo Asmoro (Solo)
full gamelan orchestra from Solo
Typed Projected Englsih Translation by Kathryn Emerson of Jakarta International School

Ballroom-The Darmawangsa Hotel
Jl. Brawijaya No.26 Jakarta
+6221-725 8181 ext. 6502/6503

Rp. 450.000/Member Bimasena-Include Dinner
Rp. 550.000/Non Member-Include Dinner


Pekanbaru! Riau said...

Ini semacam pertunjukan wayang kulit ya??

bataviase said...

ya benar, pekanbaru.
wayang kulit dengan tambahan teks terjemahan dalam bahasa inggris diproyeksikan di layar

Anonymous said...

The non-member price is actually Rp. 500,000. And there's a typo in "English". The reason the tickets are so expensive is because this is a documentation project and the resulting film will be produced eventually with subtitles in Indonesian, English, French, and Japanese. Thanks.

"the translator", Kathryn Emerson

Anonymous said...

Sorry, correction--the price IS in fact Rp. 550,000--sorry!I double-checked again with The Dharmawangsa.

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