Beauty and The Beast

2 Juni 2008
International Child Academy
Music Performance

Watch as Belle (Amara Kalbuadi Putri, Kindergarten 2) and the Beast (Vansh Goel, Kindergarten 2) fall in love against all odds with the help of their charming and witty friends Lumier (Chloe Thien, Kindergarten 2), Cogsworth (Kevin Nishitoyo, Kindergarten 2), Mrs. Potts (Audrey Febrina, Kindergarten 2) and Chip ( Yasmin Dodds, Kindergarten 2).

This humorous and romantic musical will also features some of the greatest hits from the motion pictures itself like “Be Our Guest”, “The Mob Song”, “Gaston” and of course the everlasting classic hit “Beauty and the Beast”. This performance will perform by the Toddlers, Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 classes.

Private event
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