Wayang Listrik

Art Summit V 2007

International Festival on Contemporary Performing Arts

Wayang Listrik
I Made Sidia
1-2 November 2007

Graha Bakti Budaya
Taman Ismail Marzuki
Jl. Cikini Raya 73, Jakarta 10330
T 337-325, 334-740, 315-4087
F 334-720

I Made Sidia
Born in the village of Bona, in Gianyar district of Bali, Sidia is one of Bali's new generation of performers. Like his father, I Made Sija, Sidia is an accomplished dalang/puppeteer, topeng (masked) dancer, musician and choreographer.
He began his training at the age of ten with his father and as a young adult he continued his studies at the High School of Performing Arts (SMKI) in Batubulan. He then studied at the National Arts Institute in Denpasar (STSI), where he is now on the faculty.
He has toured extensively throughout Indonesia, Asia, Europe and the United States. His new work has been presented at the Bali Arts Festival, and he recently collaborated with American artists Kent Deveroux and Jarod Powell on a multi-media performance titled 'Visible Religion' which was performed in Seattle, Minneapolis and Chicago. [from UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance]


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